Is less jewellery better than more

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By now you must all be aware of the cliche – “less is more”. It applies to many aspects of one’s life, from makeup to food toppings, but the question is… Does it apply to jewellery. It certainly does!

Unless you fancy walking around shopping centers, looking like a Christmas tree, you would completely agree with this answer. If you want to look elegant, you should rather opt for a simple look, otherwise people will think that you just want to show off your wealth, by wearing layers upon layers of gold chains, gold watches on both hands or even diamond rings on all your fingers. All of which are considered to be going overboard in the fashion industry.

Opting for a simple look gives the impression that you are more sociable and down to earth, as well as less egoistic, as opposed to someone that goes “overboard” with their jewellery. Regardless if you are a man or a woman, you should not wear jewellery in the hope that people will notice it, just wear what looks appropriate with the place that you are going to and what clothes you are wearing.

More often than not, people that wear tons of gold chains around their necks, with gold earings everywhere on their head are taken less seriously when they attend interviews for well renowned companies, even if they possess the appropriate qualifications. This is because such people are seeing as being less professional. This again reinstates the idea that less jewellery is better than more.

Another thing to consider when it comes to jewellery, is not to buy jewellery pieces that look unbelievably bulky and then put it on in excess, as if you want to show it off. This will give the idea that you are desperate for attention. Rather use a lot less money and invest in a small piece of jewellery, even if its just a gold earing the size of a bread crumb, it will still be noticeable and will not demand attention as much as the bulky jewellery would.

So rather go for the simple and yet more professional look and you will be surprised about how much money you save and also about how much more people will start taking you seriously. Just remember that wearing one fashionable watch is much better than wearing five, because it makes you seem less egoistic and makes you appear more respectful. Who knows, maybe wearing less jewellery could land you that corporate job you’ve always dreamt about.

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